Enhance data visualization like never before, with a display built for incredible clarity. The M27 Series brings data and content to life in any monitoring center, command room, meeting space, or enterprise environment.
Sleek, stylish,
and streamlined
A standardized cabinet ratio design makes the M27 Series perfect for a host of content-sharing use cases. The ultra-slim and lightweight structure takes up minimal space, without compromising on visual impact. Create a personalized display experience without wasting time, or space. The compact M27 delivers incredible results in a slim package.
16:9 cabinet ratio for impeccable pixel density
4.8 kg
lightweight design
ultra-slim cabinet
wall-mounted installation
visuals with minimal processing time or cost
Incredible visuals
The stunning display, capable of impeccable high-resolution, can present a high contrast, clear image, even in low-brightness conditions. Discover image detail like you’ve never seen it before, with pixel-perfect clarity.
3-in-1 receiving card, hub board, and power supply
Minimal connection points to reduce failure rate caused by wire connections
Front-facing maintenance support, to make it easy to replace parts
Quick and
easy installation
Installation couldn’t be simpler.

Avoid the need for professional installation with the ultimate quick splicing set-up, perfect for plug-and-play functionality. The M27 cabinet is built with simple setup and maintenance in mind, with no internal wiring or screws to worry about.
Discover the true power of the M27 display in combination with MAXHUB OS.
The built-in Android system supports data reading and writing, LAN screen sharing, and more. The proprietary control system can even adapt resolution to suit your needs, with support for PIP/PBP four-screen split under 4K controller. The MAXHUB OS is also compatible with third-party control systems.
Meeting room
Monitoring center
Command room