MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall
Raptor Series
Simple, Smart, Connected
The ultimate upgrade to its predecessor, the new MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series is a ground-breaking achievement in collaboration. A new solution created to radically simplify control and setting features, this LED Wall will help participants and presenters alike to interact more naturally, and completely. The integrated studio-quality speaker enhances voice intelligibility, and cutting-edge operating system support improves overall performance. Discover the revolution today.
Versatile and innovative
All-in-one functionality in an ultralightweight ultra-thin package.
Sleek screwless fabric design
Ultra-thin 110mm bezel with 95% screen ratio
Type-C port on the front for easy data access
Light sensor for dynamic brightness adjustment
Ergonomically designed with the entire key board on the right
Plug-and-play installation with simple maintenance
The 3-in-1 design gives you everything you need in one package.
› Control Unit: Sending Card+Android Card+Video Processor

› Receiving Unit: Power Supply+Receiving Card+Hub Board

› Power Unit: Power Supply+Amplifier+Relay
Super simple and streamlined technology
Enjoy the perfect presentation or communication experience with minimal setup time.
› Integrated video processing

› Screen-split for up to 4 windows

› PIP/PBP flexible display modes

› Support for 3 x HDMI 2.0 in and 1 x HDMI 2.0 out
Stunning visuals to MAXimize your impact
The immersive 4K visuals, sensational color accuracy and amazing depth ensure an unforgettable impact, with class-leading brightness/contrast ratio.
Amazing audio built-in
The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series ensures exceptional audio quality with studio-grade, professionally tuned clarity every time.
Fully integrated 2x30W speakers
Built-in vibration dampening technology
Collaborate quickly
and easily
Ensure seamless connections through the most up-to-date operating systems and built-in sharing features.
› Built-in Android 9.0

› LAN screen-sharing for up to 4 windows

› Low-latency stable mirroring support
MAXConfig software delivers exceptional control
Proprietary MAXConfig technology provides easy control and intuitive access to all interactive features through your personal device. You can even extend functionality to your third-party system.
Instant remote and reverse control via tablet, smartphone and PC
Remote power, brightness, signal source volume, and window size management
Real-time annotations for
easy collaboration
Easy connections to third-party
control systems
Multiple mounting
indoor scenarios
Mobile Stand-mounting
*Mobile Stand-mounting only support 120″, 138″ and 150″
The solution for every sector
Its spectacular display and interactive features command the attention of guests and attendees – but staff will love it just as much. In an industry with high turnover and 24/7 operations, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall performs reliably without specialized tech support, is simple to install and maintain, and can be easily moved about as needed.
An immersive 4K display with built-in interactive features. Plug-and-play simplicity. Simple installation and maintenance. The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall sparks student engagement without stressing your tech support. The unit’s light weight and all-in-one design add to its versatility by facilitating deployment (and redeployment) as needed.
The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall can be deployed quickly and easily throughout a house of worship, and is simple for non-experts to operate and maintain. Moreover, it runs silently, so as not to disturb moments of quiet reflection. Pair it with a MAXHUB Smart Lectern for powerful addresses to your congregation.
From meeting rooms and auditoriums to digital signage at your headquarters, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall’s spectacular display and all-in-one collaboration tools spur engagement and elevate productivity in every corporate environment. Easy operation, installation, maintenance and service make it a cost-effective solution as well.
Integrated LED Wall Tech Specs
Pixel Pitch(mm)
Overall Size(W*H*D*mm)2678*1616*302678*1616*303064*1832*313064*1832*313344*1990*303674*2175*314010*2365*304894*2861*314894*2861*31
Overall Size(W*H*D*ft)8.9*5.6*0.18.9*5.6*0.110*6*0.110*6*0.111*6.5*0.112.1*7.1*0.113.2*7.8*0.116.1*9.4*0.116.1*9.4*0.1
Power Requirement(Max/Ave)1.5/0.61.85/0.741.97/0.792.42/0.972.89/1.162.83/1.133.38/1.354.48/1.796.2/2.48